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Minecraft: mc.relic-mc.com
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Join in on the conversation and keep up with what's going on with the server and community. Stop by and introduce yourself to us!

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While anyone is welcome to join our community, we do have some rules that you need to follow. This helps keep things fun for everyone.

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Voting is an easy and free way to help support the server. Help us out by voting daily, and in return, you'll earn some items in-game.

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About Us

Relic-MC a small fast growing community with some big ideas. At the heart of Relic-MC is a group of gamers. We all love to play Minecraft and TF2 along with just about any game that is fun and has multi-player. Our staff want to build a community that has the players at heart; what the players want, the players get. We have a hard working friendly staff who are here for you any time of the day.

CLGREEN's Open Welcome

Hello, and welcome to Relic-MC! My name is Callum (CLGREEN). I am the server owner and I just want to say thank you for picking Relic-MC as a place of interest to call home. Relic-MC is a new server that was founded November 18th 2014. Relic-MC is a SMP/RP server, meaning we are a survival multiplayer server with a hint of RP, with near limitless possibilities. Our creative department has worked in a dynamic roleplay story that allows users to alter the fate of the world. The server has been taken over by the “Relic”, an artifact that has been hidden for many years, which is shaping the server, controlling how everything works, and what events occur within the world. Players must fulfill tasks, and participate in events in order to take on the Relic, win prizes, and discover what is going to happen next.