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The Divide...
« on: October 22, 2016, 05:37:59 PM »

A new world has been discovered in the realm of The Relic but created by whom? The world and its contents are a mystery, so it will be up to the inhabitants of The Relic to discover what the world contains and has to offer.

"The world seems to contain structures that go deep into the core of the world but are hard to find, hostile mobs seem to be even more aggravated and aggressive than usual. The realm itself appears to be more unstable than other known realms, coming into and out of existence, even the gate to get to this world seems to only work most of the time. When returning to this world at a later date it had completely changed from the last time I was here, almost like it had been ripped asunder and recreated by a powerful force. I will have to investigate further."
- An unknown explorer.

Group Management

The Divide was created from the ground up and so along with it are some new features that will only be in The Divide. This adds more not only in terms of game play but also in competition and group work. So the first feature I want to talk about is the group management feature; in The Divide you will want to create your own team/group to reap the benefits of The Divide. Your group names are limited to a max length of 8 characters and must not contain anything rude or offensive.

To create your group use /raid create <Name of Your Group>

To leave your group use /raid leave
    - If you are a leader of a group you will have to either hand over leadership or disband the group!

Want information about your group? use /raid info

Want to invite someone? use /raid invite <Player Name>

Want to edit your group name? use /raid manage edit name <New Name>

Want to edit your group color? use /raid manage edit color <New Color>
    - Sorry no UK English this time :D

Want to handover the group to someone in the group? use /raid manage handover <Player>

Want to kick someone from your group? use /raid manage kick <Player>

If you want to redeem a code that you found in these structures then use /raid manage [claim|redeem] <Code>

NOTE: When you create a group you are automatically leader of the group.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

There is also a leaderboard showing the top 3 groups on the server. But to get points for your group you must find these codes and redeem them.

About The Divide

The only way to get to The Divide is to go to spawn and find the portal. Once you are in The Divide you will not be able to use some commands as to add to the difficulty to The Divide. You will not be able to see other players name tags either in The Divide and many more things to make it more difficult.

Many of the game mechanics have also been enabled in The Divide, such as zombies being able to break wooden doors and other things.

All teleport commands are disabled in this world so you might want to get some maps and not lose anyone! The only way to get home is to use the /spawn command.

Important - Rules of The Divide

If you don't read this segment then it is your fault if something bad happens.
These rules only apply to this world!

As The Divide has been made from the group up new ideas of how the world is going to function have been changed, there are major changes to this world, that will affect your normal game play.

  • There are no player pvp cooldowns.
  • Players must not spawn kill players in The Divide.
  • Players must not destroy the spawn location within 25 block of The Divide.
  • All forms of grief prevention are disabled except for certain areas.
  • Raiding is allowed. So be careful where you build or setup camp.
  • Normal chest protection is enabled but can be bypassed with pick locking.
  • Any loss of personal items in The Divide will not be reimbursed.
  • You must leave The Divide once you are done in the world else you may die the next time you log in from suffocation.
  • Anything you build in The Divide will be lost in next generation and will not be saved.
  • Death chests will only be there for one day. So you have one day to recover your items.

You must still abide by normal server rules excepts for the ones above such as pvp; this will be overridden but only in The Divide.

For any staff, you should not be using any gamemodes other than survival in this world unless you have a good reason nor should you use any commands to give yourself an advantage to yourself over players.

Lock Picking

As you may have read above there is a lock picking mechanic in The Divide. This allows players to attempt to lock pick a chest or door to access another player sweet loot that they maybe have left behind or don't need. To simply use this mechanic you will use an iron ingot as a lock pick and then right click the chest or door to attempt to unlock it, this is only temporary though for doors so hurry when you get in otherwise it will shut on you.

Whenever you attempt to pick a lock it will take one ingot from you inventory but also damage you at the same time, be careful as you can die.

Other Notes

The Divide is a full dynamic and random world. Which at random intervals will be re-generated at least once a week.This will be at random times to give people at who are on at different times more chances to play in The Divide. It is important that you do not log off in the world as you may log back in inside a wall. And we will all laugh at you.
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