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[Part 2] Great Library Rush

[Part 2] Great Library Rush
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No other race could claim to have a better understanding of the world than the noble Aiden. The Aiden are most likely the most self aware of all of the races in the world. Their archives of knowledge surpasses even the meticulous Yeren, and far exceeds the legends of the Khobs.

The first records of the Aiden state the world began from a single object. Bathed in light, the object called forth the world from the endless void using a far advanced and powerful magic long lost. The world became surrounded in the channels and ley-lines of the void’s magic, and the Aiden still tap into these magic lines as the source of power for their entire civilization.

The Aiden started out almost as a school of sorts. The ancient unclassified races joined together in the aggressive pursuit of knowledge. Their first grandmaster, Grandmaster Sicilia, founded the largest library and knowledge collective in the entire world. This library, formally dubbed as the Grand Archives of Callumis Knowledge, still serves as the centerpiece of their grand capital in the far off continent of Aida.

The Aiden have centered their entire pursuit around their unique ability to manipulate and understand the very magic they study. They have an unmatched ability to control the magical elements and have a unique connection to the void. Their entire society became ranked by one’s understanding of knowledge and ability to control the forces of magic. The stronger one was in these arts, the higher their rank became in their society. Starting from Novice, the Aiden advance through Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Adept, Teacher, Principal, Director, Master, High Master, and Grandmaster.

Grandmaster Vauge, the 8th official grandmaster of the Aiden Order, discovered one of the most prominent magics that is still used everyday in the world today. Vauge made a unique discovery connecting the world as we know it to the Void of Legend. This discovery paved the way to the unique creation of the enderchest, as well as the void pack. The link also allowed for the cultivation of the world’s first portal, which was created by Vauge’s successor -- Grandmaster Red.

The aiden’s unique landscape also gave way to their understanding of the world. Aida is rich with magical ley-lines that power the wells that fuel their city. Its also covered largely in Jungles that are filled to the brim with magically fueled plants and animals. The Order of the Grandmasters that formed with Sicilia’s founding has long protected these lands that provide such valuable discoveries to the world.

As time progressed the Aiden further linked the worlds of the Void, earth, and later the nether. Their unique understanding of the ability to travel between the different realms connected to our world gives them a powerful standpoint in the world.

The Aiden is the only race in the world that will accept members of other races into their ranks as long as they adopt the rules of their race. They are a docile people, never being a part of any war, but actively participating in open competition. Part of the reason behind this though, is the fact that the Aiden’s understanding of Magic gives them such a blatant power that a single Grandmaster within the Aiden could wipe out an entire army of seasoned Yeren or Khobs. They are widely feared and respected due to their overwhelming power.

The Aiden’s control over the world’s various portals and void storage throughout history has made the Coffers of Jura the wealthiest bank in the world. The Aiden are showered in gold, but have no interest in the money other than to advance their pursuit of knowledge.

The most recent discovery of the Aiden is the most troubling however. The Aiden, who traveled across various realms and founded mages guilds across multiple realms, have began to study the massive cataclysms pleaging (plaguing? possible mistranslation.) the other realms. They are far closer to understanding the power behind an object they have come to call the Relic than any other, and they are coming to the discovery that it may be the source to all magic in the world.

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Suggested Aiden Character Creation Guide!
The Aiden are about knowledge and magical ability. When creating an Aiden RP character it is important to state their placement in their societal ranking, and to not overrank a character. The more powerful characters of the Aiden are reserved for lore purposes, and remember it is always more fun to create a character with room to improve!

It is extremely important to understand that the Aiden are very docile creatures. It is against their standing to actively encourage hate-crimes, war or any form of discrimination. Their entire purpose is the understanding of knowledge, and any Aiden who’s lore isn’t based around this understanding would be considered an outcast.

If you decide to go the route of an outcast, it is important to remember that though they are not hostile towards their outcasts, they don’t consort with them either.