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[Part 0] The Relic's Base Lore

[Part 0] The Relic's Base Lore
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The Age of Myth (Age of Creation)

The Forging: Long ago, during a time long before humans could write; even before events were passed down by bards, teachers and storytellers -- the Titans came to earth. What little legends we have left of this time say that three "creators" came to earth in the trail of a blazing comet. Supposedly each one was strong enough to create planets, and created the moon as proof to the ground dwellers of their power. They were refugees of a powerful race from far away in the black expanse. The small race of creators, who came to be known to the humans as these titans, were in a long age of civil war.

Leaders of their wise and powerful race had supposedly risen up against their own law in an attempt to rule their realm. The three that came to our earth was believed to loyally follow their ancient law.  They searched far and wide for a way to punish those who betrayed their ancient creed. Using their godly power, the titans forged a powerful magical prison, one created by a god that was strong enough to hold a god. This magical prison took the form of a small device, and the device was hidden here on the planet of humans. Soon after the device’s creation, legend states one of the titans took back to the sky. Two remained behind to guard their prison, creating various mega structures all around the world we see today.

The Titanius Tablets: Our legends of this time and the time of the forging come from the recent discovery of the Titanius Tablets. These tablets were supposedly created by the great titans who stayed behind to guard their great device. Untranslatable sections of the tablet, along with finely detailed drawings, are believed to deplicit how exactly the device was constructed and how it works to imprison. What we were able to translate was information about the device itself, which came to be known as “the Relic,” as well as information detailing the war of the titans. Apparently, a titan’s power comes from the realm in which they live, and the relic imprisons by sealing them in a realm in which they can not gain power. We know this from what little was translated, but apparently the Relic works as a device that can generate its own realms within itself, and sealing a titan within it removes their ability to connect to their power. Several tablets are believed to still be missing, but the youngest tablet we have tells us that the Relic was successful, and the war of the Titans had ended, bringing about a new golden age.

“The Departure of the Titans:” Historians believe this golden age lasted for hundreds of years. The titans that remained on earth expanded, building a small ocean hub called Syur. There, on Syur, the titans placed their tablets, and returned to the sky… never returning to earth. From what we know, The Relic successfully maintained the imprisonment of the immortal titans throughout the ages to this day. The last section of the youngest tablet is cryptic. Linguistic specialists have only been able to translate the words: Unauthorized, void, black, end, and creation, as well as the famous words: “We fear the Relic is attempting to imprison something vast.”

The Common Era (Modern Times)

Backstory: Three long Eras of civilization have since dawned on the world of man. The first age began not long after the titans returned to the sky. In the shadows of the titan’s empire on earth, the humans soon took after. Changing from a gathering people to civilized structured and governed individuals. As more civilizations rose in the shadows of the titans, humans were able to create the arts of sciences, math, physics and more. Through the lost titans, we were able to thrive.

The civilizations who deciphered these technologies rose to control the world during the first era, which lasted around 700 years. During this time, several smaller civilizations consolidated into much larger and more powerful empires. The first era ended once the last small civilization, The Kynereths, became part of the great nations. This started the second era, which lasted around 2300 years. During the second era, the great nations continued to decipher the tools of the titans. They discovered astronomy, advanced mathematics, and first began deciphering the titanius tablets into the modern understanding. The dawn of the third Era occurred once the great nation  Harveyan, began to collapse. The fall of Harveyan sparked a massive war, the remaining nations believing they could gain control of the others and rule the entirety of the titan realm on earth. The short third era, which lasted 80 years, contributed to the death of over 60% of the human race. The third era ended when, on the war torn isle of Syur, the humans uncovered one of the most influential discoveries ever uncovered.

The Fourth Era: The Fourth Era began when the warring states discovered a large island just under the central tower of the island of Syur. Inside this chamber was a large stone map that showed the location of many titan creations, those known and those unknown. Included on the map was the titan word for “Prison.” Images of discovering the long lost relic filled the heads of the remaining empires, and soon the race for the Relic began.

The Great Holy Emperor, Berrigan, officially called the start of the fourth era to begin. He commissioned the “Elynway Expedition,” or the first exploration for the isle of Elynway -- the legendary resting place of the titan device. For the first time in history, a navy of unrivaled proportions was created.

You were drafted by your great Emperor’s expedition in search for the holy relic. You were woken from your home, your family, and trained in the life of a hardened seaman. During your training, you learned of the titans and their devices as shown on the tablet. You were told that finding this relic would advance the civilization by thousands of years, and you and your family would become some of the richest people in existence.

Boarding the ship “Midori,” you leave in search of the island on the twenty-second day of the fourth month, year 6.4A, six years after the start of the fourth age. Just one of 112 ships leaving in search of the island, your ship was chosen to go far to the east of the island’s supposed location on the titan map.

Out of the 112 ships that left, 111 returned from the expedition. Your ship never returned home from that voyage. Your ship was never found....
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