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[Part 3] Industry Calling

[Part 3] Industry Calling
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The Yeren, Heralds of the Old Gods, pride themselves on the archives of their history. Their royal library contain genealogy from all the way back to their first king, High King Hroth. Hroth the First was said to have been bestowed the throne of gold by Yerenthal, the God of Creation himself on a day forever coined the “First Day of the Mountain.” His ascension to the throne marked the unification of the 4 master clans and the Birth of the term Yeren.

King Hroth, with his newly united people and his mandate from Yerenthal, claimed the mass of lands around the mountain where he was coronated. From his blessed throne on Mount Urra, Hroth ordered his architects to found Hrothenar, his seat of power and later the capital of the Yeren’s central lands, and dubbed the land Loth’Agar or in modern tong the “Holy Lands.” It took over 800 years to construct what is now known as the “Old City,” the central area of Hrothenar at the base of the mountain. Its construction lasted long past Hroth’s life. Before his death Hroth founded the “Order of the Masterclans,” an order that would to this day govern the smaller clans under the king, and select a new king upon the death of a king. Hroth was buried in a small graveyard that now sits under the middle of the old city. A large temple was constructed upon his tombstone, now the Cathedral of Yerenthal. The area around the temple was dubbed the “Seat of the Gods” and has since served as the most holy place to the Yeren people, now housing churches related to all of the Yeren deities. The Seat of the Gods also serves as where the masterclans meet to crown a new king upon the death of the current, as well as where a new grand priest is chosen. The grand priest, originally elected for a life term, is now elected every 12 years (an act erected after “The Law of the Second King” was passed). The Seat of the Gods is also the sight of the largest religious festival of the year, Arūn.

As Hrothenar grew, the Yeren people expanded the empire with master planning and precision. The entire kingdom was designed not with practicality in mind, but grandeur and absolute magnificence.  As their empire expanded, more and more small clans melted into the Yeren coalition. The Yeren forcefully spread their religion and beliefs across the entirety of their continent, and it took less than 2,000 years for the Yeren and their religion to becoming the dominating faction in what is now the continent of Loth’Agar. Loth’Agar is currently the largest country in the world and is still ruled by elected monarchy to this day, currently under King Ymir.

According to their records, once reaching its current size the Yeren coalition maintained peace in Loth’Agar for quite some time. Though, approximately 7,000 years ago the first of three major conflicts plagued the lands of the Yeren. Still judging by records, around this time a man named Morn Opalstone (from a small but powerful clan, clan Opalstone) was elected by the masterclans to lead the religious sects of the Yeren as the High Priest of Yerenthal. Morn rose to power and quickly started his tenure as high priest by lightly discriminating against a clan that had been on bad terms with the Opalstones for generations, the Gurra. The Gurra were denied entry into the seat of the gods, and not long after the brother of Gurra living in the capital were forced from their homes by the fanatical followers of Morn. The Gurra quickly realized that Morn’s sharp tongue was leading people astray and asked for the aid of the Ignitum, one of the 4 Masterclans.

Initially, the Ignitum refused to help directly, but allowed the clans under their jurisdiction to provide aid to the Gurren as they see fit. As Morn’s influence spread across the central lands, the clans under the Ignitum quickly realized he was becoming a threat to the throne and joined the cause of the Gurren. Meanwhile, many clans swore fealty and assimilated into the Opalstone and their direct masterclan, the Alderon. Despite his discrimination and hostile acts, the Alderon chose to stand by their High Priest and subclan, the Opalstone.

After gaining a fair amount of support, the Gurren coalition peacefully and lawfully marched on the capital petitioning for the High Priest’s resignation. The high priest, apparently furious of the Gurren’s attempt to remove him from office, used his standing to brand the Gurren traitors to the gods or heretics. Fanatical followers of Morn soon resorted to violence against the protestors, and eventually even the Yerenthal Guard raised their weapons against the Gurren. Morn was able to use his influence on the current king of the day, King Jura, and misfed him information about the start of violence. The Gurren, believing in solving the current issue with peace -- were slaughtered. The slaughter in the capital soon reached the ears of the Ignitum. Enraged by the massacre, the Ignitum soon retaliated and along with the Gurren Coalition gathered an army and declared war on the Opalstone coalition. The bloody war lasted 2 long years, the fanatical followers of Morn stopping the Gurren coalition at every turn. But as the war grew longer, the remaining masterclans grew weary of the power struggle between the Ignitum and Alderon.King Jura, felt that the issue between the clans should be settled themselves, refusing the other masterclans from entering the feud entirely.

But the entire tide of the war shifted when Morn grew impatient of his inability to cull the Gurren. In order to spark a new fire in the forges of the masterclans, Morn used his standing to order the assassination of King Jura. His death was blamed on the Gurren Coalition. The remaining masterclans became infuriated at the death of their beloved king, but being wise they instead investigated the sloppy murder.  The Masterclans discovered rather quickly who was really behind the murder of the king, and the disgusted leader of the Alderon quickly revoked their support of Morn, and the Alderon and remaining masterclans declared war on Morn, ending his coupe in just a measly three days. The end of the “Red War” as it was called marked a change in the governing society of the Yeren. The council soon appointed a new king, who created the “Law of the Second King” which stated that any masterclan member can revoke their support of a High priest at any time, thus removing him from his post, as well as only electing a High Priest for 12 years at a time as opposed to life. Something else arose from the end of the Red War as well. The Gurren clan, which had assimilated many other clans during the war, was allowed to enter the masterclans. Thus increasing the number of masterclans from four, to 5. The Gurren remain in the masterclans to this day, along with the Ignitum, Alderon, Pyrinum, and Forgefather clans.

The Yeren remained without conflict for what is believed to be around 2000 years (Now around 5000 years ago). Around this time, the forefathers of the Khob, the Olknolids, began pushing on the southwest borders of Loth’Agar along the plains of Eirilin. The Olknolids pushed hard into Yeren territory slaughtering thousands without warning, and the masterclan in charge of the area, the Forgefathers, failed in holding the Olknolid onslaught along the border. As the Olknolids ravaged through the lands the Yeren of the southwest took to their religion as hopes of saving their people.

This brought forth a new practice within the lands of the Forgefathers. Here in the southwest of the Yeren lands, the Forgefathers created a new breed of soldiers to fight off the Olknolid aggressors. Raised in the use of the blessed arts, these new “Paladins” were trained from a young age in the art of healing and defence. Their rigorous combatant upbringing under the elite units of the forgefathers, accompanied by their training in the blessed arts of the priests gave the Yeren a tool to counter the aggressive Olknolids.The Paladins were successful in driving out the enemy from their borders. Together with the combined help of the other Masterclans the Yeren invaded the Olknolids’ foothold just outside their lands and drove them back across the sea.

After this, the Paladins of the Yeren Forgefathers became an elite sect of the Yeren culture. It is still considered a great honor to this day to be selected to be a Paladin. The Paladins have been successful in holding off the different attacks on Yeren lands by the Olknolids and their various sects for most of the 5,000 years to present day. They have successfully prevented many conflicts within Yeren society and have given the Forgefathers the title of “Strongest Clan” for all that time.

The final conflict of the Yeren began around 12 years prior to present day when Ignitum clan leader, Rust Ignitum, announced a new creation within the Yeren lands. This “steam engine,” as it was named, caused a massive surge of possibility within Loth’Agar. The possibilities of the Ignitum invention was quickly realized by the Pyrinum, and together the clans began a rapid industrialization of their lands.

This massive movement towards industrialization has already shown to be putting a massive stress on the Yeren infrusture. What was once seen as a slow working race of master architects was quickly becoming overrun by massive machines that could cut the time of work down at the expense of quality. The Forgefathers and Alderon wish to hold to their previous traditions. They fear this industrialization will cause the fall of their religion and their long held tradition. The Gurren appear to be fairly split towards both sides, seeing the bonuses of both industrialization and Religion. The population of the Yeren seems to be split as equally as the masterclans on the matter with no particular side gaining any ground over the other. A debate like this would normally be settled by the King, but his declining health around the start of the arguments caused a stay in his decision on the matter.

However, what has previously been debated over in the courts of the masterclans has recently moved into the streets. Both sides of the argument feel particularly strong towards their opinions, and fears of bloodshed seem to be right around the corner.

And now, with the death of their last king, King Crus, both sides of the Yeren fight for a King that will represent their side and bring an end to the conflict. As the battle of industrialization vs Religion heats up, and as the throne sits empty --  civil war is around the corner in the Yeren lands! Will the Yeren side with industrialization, or will they stick with their past and side with their religion? Only time will tell!

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Suggested Yeren Character Creation Guide!
The Yeren are all about their clans! When creating a Yeren RP character, it is important to pick a clan. Remember that a major argument is happening with the Yeren right now. When picking a clan it is important to pick what side of the argument you are on, or if you happen to be one of the very few who believe differently from their clans!

Though you do not have to be a part of the masterclans (The Gurren, Ignitum, Pyinum, Forgefathers or Alderon) remember that all clans are represented by a masterclan! So if you make up a cool clan name -- remember to list what masterclan it is under!

It is also important to remember that the Yeren are still a very religious people. Even the people who believe in industrialization still hold to a god! The Yeren worship 7 gods. Yerenthal, the god of creation is currently the only named god, (as of July 2016 -- Names of the other gods will be suggested by players and approved by staff) but there are still 6 other gods your character could be more attuned to. The God of Wealth, Health, Nature, Society, Protection and Destruction make for some very interesting choices.

Also the yeren are very supportive of their clanmates, so remember when interacting with other characters under the same masterclan to be polite and supportive! As a general idea, the Yeren are docile people, only having conflicts when extremely necessary.

If you chose to create an outcast character without a clan, remember these characters are not regarded highly in Yeren culture at all, despite their previous status. It is very hard to live clanless as a Yeren.