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Relic-MC 1.12 update.

Relic-MC 1.12 update.
« on: June 25, 2017, 06:49:44 PM »

Hello all,

Yes it is that time, 1.12 is here! :D We have tested all our plugins and have been hard at work. We hope you all had fun on grief day and enjoyed playing in the creative world ;)

But now it is time to find a spot, set up camp and get ready to call it home for a little while, we have picked a nice and lovely map for you all to explore that will be active in approx. 24 hours.

Some things for you to note:

The Divide:

As we have been busy with updating all our plugins, we have lagged the development of The Divide. This should take about 2 weeks (depending on CL’s busy life) to get this updated for you all and ready for 1.12.
So, for now this will not be available on the new map release. (We are working on it).

The End and The Nether:
This will be realised a little later in the week. Once everything has settled we will open them up. (We are aiming for Wednesday for this).

Pablo is at it again!

That damn chicken has been up to no good and sneaking around. We caught him skulking around Sil’s faire the other day, around the same some items had gone missing. Since he's done this before, the Enforcer team pulled him into jail for being a suspect chicken, while being questioned he did admit to stealing a ton of prototype puffer tokens and will not tell us where he put them! All we know is they have been hidden all over the world and we are asking you, the players to help us find them! All we know is the games world and overworld are looking a little fishy. If you find them you can trade them in for some current tokens from Sil or keep them as a collector's item, up to you. Make sure Pablo doesn't profit from stealing off of the server!

Is that a floating Island?

Yes you guessed it, we are getting skyblock ;D.
More information will be coming on this over the next week or so but we are so happy to be finally getting this to you all. We have been testing this for a while now and its so much fun, though if I was you I would watch out for the cow that tries to jump off the island. (It's a skydiver but forgot it doesn't have a parachute on!).

And finally, as a special surprise...

We really liked some of the stuff you guys came up with on our temp map, so we decided to make it available alongside our new map! Creative will remain intact as well, so you can come here and plan out your builds, try out that new colour scheme or just have some fun after a hard day of survival ;)

With all of this and more happening within the coming weeks we are so happy for you all to be experiencing this with us and we hope you do enjoy it. As always if you have any feedback then please do get in contact with us, we are more than happy to recieve both feedback negative or positive. How else can we grow?

Enjoy the new map <3
- TheRelic Staff.


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Re: Relic-MC 1.12 update.
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2017, 07:24:12 AM »
    The main map is now LIVE!!

    we hope you all enjoy it.

    We are aware of some issues that have come up on the day of realise for example:

    • Dynmap is not working, (We are looking to fix this ASAP.) This has been fixed! and is now rendering.
    • The Bank has my name on it, (We are working with the dev to fix this).
    • People are seeing messages about seeing blocks (again we are working with the dev to fix this).
    • The melons don't work in spawn. (Again we are looking for a fix for this ASAP).

If you find anymore issues please let us know and we will work hard to get them fixed. I can only apologise for the issues.
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