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The Sunset Festival Shall Commence!

The Sunset Festival Shall Commence!
« on: July 11, 2017, 12:38:42 PM »

Hello, Players!

The time has come once again! The Yeren celebrate the festival of Arun, the Aiden drink to the Allignment and the Khobs begin their ritual of The Trial of Strength. As a result, under the new summer sun all people of the Relic regardless of race, class, or gender will come together in peace and The Sunset Festival begins!

Champions ready your swords, shine your armour, and steel your resolve; Each event will present a unique test of prowess and skill to separate the worthy and the great from the ordinary. Victors will reap rewards beyond imagination and the Relic and the clans have cooked up a spectacular lot of treasures to dot the winnings of this years festival. Now I ask you citizens of the Relic?!

Are You Ready?

Official Game times and prize hints will be released closer to the date of the Festival. The Sunset Festival is set to Start the 24th of July and go until the 30th.... Until then ready up, the summer sun approaches fast!

Planned Main Events:
12 Waves of Hell
Capture the Flag
Sunset Barrage

Planned Side Events:
Sand Castle building
Hide N Seek