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Relic Annual Sunset Decorating Competition 2017!

Relic Annual Sunset Decorating Competition 2017!
« on: July 30, 2017, 05:47:06 PM »
Festival Athletes and Attendees!

It's time again for this year's decorating competition! This is a competition involving who can show off the most pride for the festival while at the same time winning prizes and trophies! There are only a few rules and regulations to enter this competition.

First and foremost, the sunset festival colors are this week's flash sale below spawn. Buying or crafting these colors (yellow, red and orange) and creatively decorating your home to show festival spirit is the name of the game. However, we need to know about your efforts for you to be considered! Therefore, once you decorate your home, make sure to give us your coordinates using this thread:,1498.0.html

We look forward to seeing your builds and your festival cheer! We will select the winners for this event at the closing ceremony on Sunday, August 6th.

Good Luck!