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Introducing: Skyblock!


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Introducing: Skyblock!
« on: August 06, 2017, 03:02:30 PM »

Not sure what to do now your latest creation is done? Want to build everything from the ground up, dirt and all? Are challenges your thing? Say no more, Skyblock is here!

What is Skyblock?

Skyblock is a mod where you have to make a thriving island from very few items. You'll need to figure out how to make island life work from the small starting out you're given.

To begin, do /island; this opens the menu for you to choose from multiple challenges. Once that's decided, you can teleport to your island at anytime by using /island go.

Made an error and realised it too late? You can /island restart to begin all over again. You can only reset a certain number of times.

You are graded on how well you are doing by your Island Level. Doing /island level will calculate and tell you how well you are doing. Adding  a player name to this will tell you how your neighbours are faring, /island top will give you the current leaders.

Eventually we would like to give prizes to the top 5 Skyblockers every month, resetting the scores of the players that win. You may work together but only the owner of the island will win the prize. These prizes would be to assist players in the Overworld.

Inventories are seperate between skyblock and the overworld.

Grow attached to your blocks of dirt by naming it! /island name <name>. Please bear in mind that our naming rules apply here.

The main way to make progress on your skyblock is by earning silver. This is separate from the Overworld Silver and can only be earned by completing challenges that Skyblock gives you. /challenges will open the challenge menu and tell you what you need to do. At first a lot of the challenges will be locked away, they will unlock as you succeed at the ones currently available.

There is also a mini shop which will sell some items to help. Access it with the command /island ms or /island minishop.

Want your island open for people to visit? Create a warp to your island by placing a sign with [WELCOME] on top. /island sethome will set the point for you to teleport to your island.

All other commands (plus a recap of the ones above) can be found below. Happy Skyblocking!


/island: Creates your island, Opens the GUI for easy management of your island.   
/island go: Teleport to your island.

/island controlpanel/cp [on/off]:
Open the island GUI.

/island restart: Restart your island and remove your old one.

/island sethome: Set your teleport point for /island.

/island level: Calculate your island level.

/island level <player>: See another player's island Level.

/island name <name>: Set a name for your island.

/island top: See the top ranked islands.

/island minishop or /island ms: Opens the Minishop.

/island warps: Lists all available welcome sign warps.

/island warp <player>: Warps to a player's welcome sign.

/island team: View your team information.

/island invite <player>: invite a player to join your island.

/island leave: Leave another player's island.

/island kick <player>: Remove a team player on your island.

/island <accept/reject>: Accept or reject an invite from another player.

/island makeleader <player>:
Transfer the island to a player.

/island biomes: Go to a menu to change your island's biome. Costs Silver.

/island expel: <player>:
Force a player from your island.

/island ban <player>: Ban a player from your island.

/island banlist <player>: List banned players.

/island unban <player>:
Unban a banned player.

/island coop <player>:
Give a player full access to your island.

/island uncoop <player>: Remove full island access from a player.

Create a warp to your island by placing a sign with [WELCOME] on top.

/island listcoops: List coop players.

/island lock: Locks your island so players cannot visit.

/island resetname: Resets your island name.

/island settings: See island protection and game settings.

/challenges: Show challenges.

/island lang <#> Selects language.
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