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Its been a while..


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Its been a while..
« on: November 01, 2017, 10:05:08 AM »
Hello all,

Hope you are all well?

Ok,where to start? it's been a while. I think its best to try and explain a little why staff along with myself have been a little MIA. Well the short story is work. I have not long graduated from University as some of you might have known but since then its been a quick turn around for me finding work. I am now full time in a new job and my work hours are a little all over the place so I have been a little inactive but I have been doing a little work in the back-end of the server but you might not have seen me around all that much.

Most of our Team have started school so they have been busy with classes. The more mature team members have like myself have jobs so we have all been busy some of us have got new jobs so like me they have been busy. I think its just bad timing at the moment.

With this being said my work place do have me on call at some points in the months meaning I have to be home and cant leave. This means I will at my desk or at home meaning you will see more of me around doing stuff.

With this I do have some good news in all of this.

Yes. You guessed it..


I have also patched and pushed a few updates to get rid of them bugs! if you have any issues please let me know. I have also updated our permissions system if you have any issues let me know ASAP.

Like I said, I do plan on being more active from now on. (I might not be on everyday) but I will do my best to be on, if you ever want to chat or have something you want to say to me shoot me a message on Discord and I will respond normally within a few hours.

Also Sil wants to know if we should reset the main world? What do you all think?

I can normally be found fixing something or yelling at someone....

(Please be aware, I am dyslexic and therefore I may have made some spelling or grammar mistakes in the above comment. I apologise if this is the case)

Re: Its been a while..
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2017, 10:14:50 AM »
When you say "Reset the Main World" what exactly do you mean by that? I'd like to preferably keep the world we are on, much of it hasn't been used or explored. Maybe we could negotiate temple regenerations?

With the addition of the divide I think that it's a good turning point in my activity (maybe the same as a few others) as we have been looking forward to this interesting addition.

All and all, I think the server itself is fine the way it is, people just need to come back and mess around. xD


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Re: Its been a while..
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2017, 01:40:16 PM »
I believe a reset would be wonderful. It'd be a fresh start for everyone with the prospect of The Divide as end game material. If the world wasn't reset then everyone would play the divide and thats all they would have to do. I haven't been playing much but I feel a reset would be a good time to start up again.


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Re: Its been a while..
« Reply #3 on: November 01, 2017, 07:53:53 PM »
Yes, yes it has been a while. I will like to add I myself have not been on and plan on coming back around December 15th since school and work are taking most my time. In case everyone is wondering the AT team is still alive. We are all just extremely busy this semester with classes and work on top of that. See you guys soon!
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Re: Its been a while..
« Reply #4 on: November 03, 2017, 10:44:29 AM »
Wow....When yall say its been a while, that may be a bit of an understatement. School and Work and then life have taken me out of it for a bit and I cant say that I'll be back right away. My mistake to take 18 credit hours plus work but It pays off in the end. Classes for me end around the 9th of December and if work doesn't spur up too much then my activity will increase then. I should be on once or twice a week and if y'all see me in discord pop in and say hi! Definitely psyched to see the divide up and running again! In regards to the map reset my opinion would be no. The world has not been used nearly enough to warrant it. I do like Yomshii's Idea of maybe resetting temples so people have something to search for and loot but the world shouldn't be reset quite yet.  Well my best regards to everyone hope y'all are well, have a wonderful day

-Wynter  ;D
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