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MC server 1.13 update
« on: December 22, 2018, 06:53:24 PM »
Hi all,

I wanna just bring you an update, Myself and Thyedah have been working on the server and I ran into one or two issues that I was not expecting, including burning my index finger badly so using a keyboard has been a painful to use.

However, I feel we are now ready to push this update to the production server :D. (YAY 1.13) I did wanna push out the update today but that is not going to happen now, I did however wanna try and push the update on Monday (Christmas eve), and I understand that does not give people a lot of time to get stuff in order for the new map but I can push this back if people don't want to do it that close and need more time to jump on a move stuff. (See below about getting stuff after the server has been pushed out). 

With this we are upping the chests so people can now have two chests per person (we have been on this map a while).

With the new map some things are going to be different so here is the list of stuff:
- MyPets are going to reset so new pets for all.
- No more official race support, we are removing the official races and classes from the server and the server lore will not be updated by us, we are still keeping 'The Relic' because that's real ;).
- All backpacks are going to be reset (Use the chests).
- The stables plugin is dead Jim :(. So this will no longer be with us.
- No Marriage plugin anymore, Wynterjj23  is sill my wife though.
- Trails is also dead and is no longer supported.
- Dynmap is also no longer going to be supported, (This might come back later but for now this will not be a thing).
- The new spawn will not have a shop in spawn.
- The Divide is currently being worked on and is being brought up to date. (Wooo!)

Staff update:
Thursday (Thyedah) is now back as staff and will be working on The Divide ;).
Tunnel_Rat192 as been demoted to Admin :smile:

If everyone is ok with this plan, the grief day will be Monday (Christmas eve), the chest room is now active and is next to the end portal in spawn.

The new map will be pushed out on Christmas day (Most likely in the afternoon.)

[PS. about that extra time]

We know we have not given you much notice and with this in mind, if you do not manage to get online over the next few days don't worry, we will use the test machine so you guys can still get your stuff (We will do this for a week after the new map has been pushed out and please remember this can only be done ONCE.)

[PS, PS. Forum updates]

I have has reports about the forums have a bug with logging in using the 'Green' button. if you use the following [] to log in it will work. ( I will have a look into this ASAP).

- Relic Staff.
I can normally be found fixing something or yelling at someone....

(Please be aware, I am dyslexic and therefore I may have made some spelling or grammar mistakes in the above comment. I apologise if this is the case)